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Boundaries Series

Boundaries Series


Starting 1st March. 

Healthy boundaries are the limits you place around your time, emotions, body and mental health to stay resilient, sold and content with who you are. These empowering borders protect you from being used, drained or manipulated by others. 

With Healthy boundaries you:  
Tend to have lower levels of stress and higher self-esteem because you prioritize your well-being.  
You only take on responsibilities you can handle; you don’t overcommit yourself 
You clearly communicate your needs and wants; you prioritize your self-care 
You don’t feel responsible for other adults. 
You don't take criticism personally  
You respect others’ boundaries and No's 
Healthy boundaries combined with healthy communication is what this course will be walking you through.  

If this sounds like you you'll love the BOUNDARIES SERIES. A four week group course designed to build your inner connection to self and allow you to stand confidently in your boundaries in all aspects of your life  

You will receive practical steps you can take for creating meaningful change in your life.  

We will meet weekly on zoom and you will receive practices to support integration of what you learn so that it becomes part of you. Not just something you learned about in a course that sounded great but changed nothing. 

We will have a support group where we can reflect and help each other rise. 

Make the decision here and now.  To BE the change. 

Meet me there...I'll stand with you


It's hard to put into words how truly life changing Ann Marie's boundaries course was for me. I felt that my boundaries in a few areas of my life were a bit shaky and this course was like a deep dive into all areas - emotional, physical, time and space boundaries, spiritual boundaries - all of it! For me, this boundaries work with AM was the golden thread that wove all of these areas of my life together like a beautiful tapestry where now I am more confident, healthy, and abundant in all areas of my life than I ever thought possible for me. If you are considering taking this course, I would say 100% do this for yourself, it will help with all areas of your life and will be the best investment in your personal development you've ever made!




I could not recommend Annmarie's boundaries series highly enough. It was four (and a bonus) modules of absolute brilliance. It's so much more than learning about healthy boundaries and how to implement them. What I loved the most was how much I learned about myself, what matters to me and why I react the way I do to certain situations given my core values. It is AMAZING! The best investment I have ever made in myself. Thanks Annmarie

 - Jean-



Annmarie truly has a talent of spreading her knowledge and guiding people throughout the life's hurdles. It was my first workshop with her but I'm sure it won't be the last. I'm so glad I stumbled upon her and I'm delighted to have her help me on my journey! Thank you xx
- Ruta-

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