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Beliefs & Boundaries

Beliefs & Boundaries


Join Caroline Fitzgerald and myself for an energetic healing workshop exploring and overcoming limiting beliefs through EFT practices and setting healthy boundaries in a supportive space.

We will open with creating an energetic safety space using the violet flame to clear any attachments that you may have. 

Caroline will guide you through exploring limiting beliefs through the practice of EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique).

We will allow you space for journaling in order for you to move through and write down what limiting beliefs are coming up for you now and what Aha! moments you have had.

I will then guide you on a talk through boundaries. 
What they are, what they mean for you what obstacles you may face in setting them. And how to overcome them. 

We will teach you body dowsing. How to find your yes and no in the body. So you may set healthier boundaries from a calm and relaxed place.

Finally, we will guide you through a somatic practice to anchor.

It's our intention that you leave us with more confidence in yourself, more security in your body and a feeling of empowerment. A feeling of saying yes to you. 

Join us on Saturday, 17th June @ 1pm in The Range, Salthill

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