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About Me

My name is Annmarie Murray.

My passion lies in empowering people to discover that natural wellness can be easy and effective. That wellness is achievable. In body, mind and spirit.

I suffered for many years with poor physical and emotional health. It took me many years to find my own path to healing. I choose to use my experience to help others on the same journey.

I help my clients navigate their way through their healing journeys. I do this through a number of modalities, you being the person who chooses what fits best for you. Whether this be through essential oils, hypnosis, bio-energy or human design. Perhaps an element of each.

I must advise you that while I can offer you the tools of transformation and guide you on your journey, the real power lies in YOUR hands and the changes come through you.

I merely educate and empower.

"I deeply love what I do"

The amount of joy that I feel from helping others is immeasurable. I deeply love what I do and I am grateful to be able to do this work.

I love to connect people with their own true wisdom within. I seek to empower by providing the tools, strategy and support to help you create meaningful change in your life.

I love to see you reclaim your own life purpose and become fully present participants on your own wellness path.

Get in Touch

If you think you’d like to chat with me, contact me by email to set up a phone conversation or video chat. In your session, we’ll talk about your current health goals and how you can reach them. Usually, it’s a lot of fun. If I can help you further, I’ll tell you how but there is no obligation for purchase.

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